What is The Momentum Project? Read to find out.

What is Momentum?

By definition Momentum is defined as the strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. The impetus gained by a moving object.

How Does Momentum Work?

The Momentum Project ($MASS) is a token ecosystem that pays treasury investment dividends to holders that have their tokens staked in Singularities. How does this work?

$MASS started life (Phase 1) as a reflection token at heart that paid out dividends to holders based on trading activity, and also used a unique stabilizer technology (TMM) to maintain token price and increase it consistently.

This Phase 1 of The Momentum Project enabled the treasury to grow substantially along with the liquidity and pay out dividends from trading activity on the way up. External macroeconomic events combined with a transition from our reflection model to our Singularities caused an unfortunate bank-run on our liquidity which forced us to pivot and make that transition happen immediately.

Phase 2 (current phase) of The Momentum Project focuses on making high impact treasury investments in a number of different areas. These areas include:

  • Proof of Stake Validator Nodes

  • Proof of Work Mining through Alpha Shares Paraguayan Mining Project ($0.03 / kWh)

  • Liquid Staking Opportunities

  • Algorithmic Trading Bot Strategies

  • 20% of Alpha Shares Launchpad Services Income

  • More to come.

These treasury investments are the backbone to our Singularity, and allow holders of $MASS to participate in treasury investment profits simply by staking $MASS into the Singularity. Your share of treasury investment income will be dynamic based on your share of the total Singularity.


  • My Total Singularity Stake Size - 1,000 Tokens

  • Global Singularity Size - 500,000 Tokens

  • Your Share of Total - 0.2%

  • Monthly Treasury Net Income Assumption = $50,000

  • Your Share of Income - $50,000 * 0.2% = $100

What is MASS?

Momentum token (MASS) represents interest / demand for Singularity Staking. It is the only way to get involved in the Singularity.

MASS is a tax-less utility token with a very low total Supply (892,110 on BSC & 100,488 on AVAX) and has the utility of being your ticket into the Singularity. To participate in Treasury Investment rewards you will need to hold MASS tokens and stake them into the Singularity for at least a 30-day minimum.

You can also purchase MASS and combine MASS / BUSD (BSC) or MASS / USDC (AVAX) to stake LP tokens and earn LP Staking Rewards within our dApp.

What does this mean for you?

Holders benefit through two methods:

  • Treasury Investment Dividends through the Singularity

  • LP Token Staking Rewards in dApp

What was Bonding?

Bonding used to be a mechanism within The Momentum Project that helped our Phase 1 liquidity and treasury bootstrapping. Members were allowed to bond into MASS tokens over a 7 or 14 day period and receive incentives for doing so. This system was unsustainable and gamed by many, in addition to our Referral Program. Both these systems enabled accelerated growth but in a closed loop system that growth has a whiplash effect.

Who Created Momentum?

Momentum was ideated and built by BadShogun and Sub.eth, the founders of Alpha Shares. Momentum is the DeFi division of the Alpha Shares brand, and ties into that overall ecosystem.

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