NFT Launchpad Services (Alpha Shares)

The Momentum Project is the defi arm of Alpha Shares NFT Marketplace, a platform that offers NFT mint and launchpad services. The launchpad services include art generation, contract work, meta data, and a basic level of promotion. Momentum generates revenue from these services by taking 20% of the proceeds.

This revenue source is important to investors because it is a real yield that is generated by the quantity of mints and mint size, rather than a typical interest bearing account. This means that the revenue generated is directly tied to the success of the NFT marketplace and the demand for the mint and launchpad services. As the marketplace grows and more NFTs are minted and launched, the revenue generated for Momentum also increases.

This type of revenue generation is beneficial for investors because it provides a way to earn a return on their investment that is directly tied to the performance of the platform, rather than a fixed interest rate. It also aligns the interests of Momentum and its investors, as both parties benefit from the growth and success of the NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, NFTs are a new asset class and their use cases are expanding, this make this revenue stream interesting for investors as it can provide exposure to the NFT market and its potential growth.

Overall, the NFT launchpad services revenue stream is a unique and interesting opportunity for Momentum investors as it provides a direct link between their investment and the success of the platform, while also providing exposure to a growing and innovative asset class.

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