• Fixed Low Supply - Less than 1,000,000 tokens across both chains

  • Buy tax of 0%

  • Sell tax of 5%

  • LP Staking Available within dApp for both chains

Fixed Small Supply

Phase 2 of The Momentum Project now sees a shift from an elastic token supply to a very low quantity fixed supply. This naturally put a cap on our Singularity size since the overall Total Suply is so low.

Binance Smart Chain Token Details

Total Supply ~ 893,142

Token Contract: 0xE81A79e9d951759aeF3FcceF17022276b3A0C7E5

PancakeSwap Link:

Avalanche C-Chain Token Details

Token Supply ~ 100,452

Token Contract: 0x63Dd6F87e8BD5008878E51DaF473DFB3105C7537

TraderJoe Link:

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