Staking Into The Singularity

How to Stake Into The Singularity

Here we will learn how to stake your MASS tokens into the Singularity. This staking allows you to participate in the treasury investment income proportional to the amount you stake out of the total staked.

On the Singularity Tab you will be able to see all relevant information regarding the token, token price, total singularity size, your share of total, and information around dividends paid out.

This section here shows all the information you'd like to know about Singularity dividends that have been paid out, and will also show you your % ownership of the Singularity. You can use this % ownership to make estimates around potential income based on treasury net income assumptions.

Treasury Investment Dashboard

Coming soon! There will be a dashboard showing all the current treasury investments, their running profit tallies and previous payouts.

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