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What is MASS?

The Momentum Project ($MASS) is a token ecosystem that pays treasury investment dividends to holders that have their tokens staked in Singularities.

What is the goal of the Momentum Project?

The goal of Momentum is to solve the main problem that most DeFi projects have - keeping their financial model a closed-loop system. Momentum has solved this through the creation of the Singularity, a mechanism which allows MASS stakers to participate in real-world treasury investment income. This creates external revenue flowing back into the system. Sustainability is key.

Is Momentum Finance audited?

Momentum is not currently formally audited but will be in the near future. It has undergone intense internal auditing using professional tools and processes, and uses multiple audited contracts. Momentum Finance is the DeFi brand of Alpha Shares which is audited.

Is the team KYC’d or doxxed, if not, are there plans to do so?

The team is KYC’d by RugDoc. You can view this here: RugDoc Momentum KYC Page

The team is composed of Sub.eth (Tyler) and BadShotgun (John). In the future they have plans to publicly doxx.

How do I accumulate BUSD dividends?

To accumulate BUSD dividends you will need to stake MASS tokens into the Singularity. The amount of BUSD you receive is based on the total Treasury Investment Net Income (TINI) produced and the amount of MASS you have staked vs the total size of the Singularity.

Where did my unclaimed BUSD dividend go?

Any time your balance of MASS changes, any unclaimed BUSD dividends will automatically be transferred to your wallet.

Where can I buy/sell MASS directly?

You can buy MASS on PancakeSwap.

Where can I see the most accurate price for MASS?

The most accurate price for MASS can be seen on the Momentum Finance dApp. Dexscreener uses an API to display the price and could be delayed.

What are the contract addresses (BSC) for Momentum?

Token: 0xE81A79e9d951759aeF3FcceF17022276b3A0C7E5

Bonding Manager: 0x18286e6091A6f75Ab88adB51D48726D5B0f327C5

Dividend Distributor: 0x6Eb3326DE16Da7453955000CBE3023af8DAf7fa1

Token Vesting: 0x06f94a00AB25a808C7588d080cd4cFdCCFFfF887

The Momentum Mechanism: 0x199Dc2D3e0195138446C79eC9b708d4641FF126C

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